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The bullish breakout signal is one of the best win-generating signals. It has the advantage of being able to be used automatically, but not everyone trades automatically and it can be painful to wait for the signal for hours while watching the prices. Not everyone has the NanoTrader FULL !


Until now it was possible to be warned by an audible signal that the position had to be taken immediately, but nothing forestalled the possibility of a buy signal approaching. This required constant monitoring of the formation of a break line.


This new version allows you to be warned by an audible alert as soon as a breakout line is formed. You will therefore have to monitor the market only from that moment.

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The INVESTUI method offers very good performances, regularly more than 30% per year!

You can find out HERE for the details of the method.

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Daytrading DAX par Eric Lefort, 2020 le 21 mars   

Daytrading DAX par Eric Lefort, 2020 le 09 avril

Daytrading DAX par Eric Lefort, 2020 le 16 avril 

Daytrading DAX par Eric Lefort, 2020 le 23 avril 

Résumés des journées de trading live du stage "Trading discrétionnaire" sur Youtube (toutes les vidéos) .

Les erreurs à ne pas commettre, l'analyse des cycles, comment élaborer son plan et le suivre, ces thèmes sont traités, ainsi que de nombreux autres, lors de deux jours de trading.

Les vidéos seront mises en ligne progressivement, le temps de les monter pour qu'elles ne durent pas trop longtemps.

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