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Eric Lefort specific indicators.

After hundreds of trials and tests, Eric Lefort has retained only two major indicators : Repulse and STPMT. These indicators are essential to many traders and there's a lot of documentation about their use.

Mogalef could program the divergences on the STPMT, and especially on Repulses for members of MTI club !

Repulse and its divergences

For members of "Mogalef Tools and Indicators Club"   MTI


The Repulses continuously measure changes in the purchasing and selling flare. It is therefore particularly suitable for divergences that indicate hard points both tendency or impulse.


Divergences of each Repulse can be processed and optimized independently. They generate automated and usable signals CFD, Futures or Forex with FutureStation Nano WHS .

STPMT (MTPST) divergences

For members of "Mogalef Tools and Indicators Club"   MTI


Medium Term Ponderated STochastic was created to visualise both market tendance and timing. 

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