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STPMT Long Signal

This signal is based on one of classic use of the WHS-STPMT (Stochastic balanced middle term, created by Eric Lefort in 1999). It use the STPMT like a primary trend filter, relative position STPMT-Stochastic(5,3) like a condition and Sto(5,3) reversal as the final signal.

You can use this signal without other indicator, or better, use other indicators as the MTF (Mogalef Trend Filter) to filter better the trend and its strength.


You have usuals parameters : start time, end time, send email when signal, play sound when signal and message box when signal.

Here are the three specific parameters, explanations and instructions for use :

STPMT Trading Signal : minimum STPMT

(time stop is used only for demonstration)


If STPMT is superior to a minimum (mini_STPMT) the trend is an uptrend. The default value for an uptrend is 45, but for better filter and results you can use an upper value, for example 55.

STPMT Trading Signal minimum space STPMT-STO



This is the minimum space between STPMT and stochastic to generate a buy signal when there is a reversal Stochastic (5,3) buy signal.

There is a buy signal when the stochastic turns down to up.



STPMT Trading Signal : scalping target
STPMT Scalping Target



You can add an integrated target for your trading systems. The default value is NO.

If you turn it to YES the STPMT target can stop the trend. 

If the trend is slow the target is usually close and fast. If the trend is strong, the target can be more distant.



STPMT Short Signal

This signal is exactly the same than the STPMT Long Signal, but for short way.

STPMT Trading Signal Short
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