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MOGALEF Trend Filter.


The ultimate Trend Filter for Trading


This indicator requires a regulation from two to three parameters of length (R2 and R3, possibly R1). It has to correspond to the trends and ranges.
Valors 1 and 2 are for the downtrends,

3,4,5,6 for ranges according to respectively the uptrends and the downtrends,

7 and 8 for the uptrend.

The selection can then be automatic. We can see pertinence of a strategy onto uptrends for example, then automatically trade only these uptrends.

This indicator is very reactive and very stable. Its use constitutes a major step forward for the automatic trading.

Mogalef Trend Filter présentation.png
Mogalef Trend Filter profitable cases
Sans le Mogalef Trend Filter
Avec le Mogalef trend Filter
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