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Divergences are usual tools to determine the reversals or breakpoints.​ They are easy to see after but difficult to program with almost 100% of valid live signals. The detection algorithm used by Mogalef is the only one to be reliable in both backtest and live trading: No surprise, neither good nor bad.

Each indicator is treated individually according to its technical construction (use closes or high and low) and may be used to enter or exit market.

MACD Divergences.

FREE on WHS FutureStation Nano users.


MACD divergences are usualy good exit signals for trend followers, but can be used as entry signal with small targets.​

Some members have build very strong trading systems with this base.
Don't forget that you can use YOUR MACD, multiple signals of MACD divergences or combine whith several indicators like RSI divergences, CCI divergences and especially Repulse  divergences.

RSI Divergences by Mogalef
RSI Divergences.

For members of "Mogalef Tools and Indicators Club".


Remember : you can use your own RSI lengt and combine two or more RSI divergences. ​

Most members think that double RSI divergence is a very reliable signal for discretionary trading. We are working on a program detecting these divergences.


Stochastic Divergences by Mogalef
STOCHASTIC Divergences

For members of "Mogalef Tools and Indicators Club" 


STOCHASTIC divergences are usualy good entry signals for trend scalpers, but can be used as entry condition or filter.​

For limited targets, our members prefer small stochastics like 5 to 14. To more distant target long stochastics, like 25 to 75 can be profitable when combine with other signals or filters.

CCI Divergences

For members of "Mogalef Tools and Indicators Club"


CCI divergences detector is the latest Mogalef indicator (2014 May, the 3rd). It is too early to know how to use this indicator with profit.


Like other divergences indicators, the CCI divergences indicator can detect usuals divergences or/and hidden divergence (inverse).

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