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Practice with Mogalef tools, indicators and systems.


What we need to use Mogalef indicators and trade :


  • Software should allow automatic drawing lines on indicators and prices. This seems to be obvious, but there are few programs that do it properly.

  • Software must be stable and solid with automatic or semi automatic trading. it must be used on a secure server if necessary

  • Backtests must show exactly the same results that real time trading.

  • Traders should be able to easily include the Mogalef indicators to their own trading. 

  • Encryption indicators must be secure.

  • Historical data should be long and good quality. This is very important for traders who want to verify their systems.


Therefore the tools and indicators are only available on Fipertec FutureStation Nano software.



There are two ways to easily access to Mogalef Indicators, Tools and Systems :


  • If you have a WHSelfinvest account and/or are FutureStation Nano user, just subscribe to Mogalef Tools and Indicators  MTI Club , and/orMogalef Trading System MTS Club .


  • If you don't have WHselfinvest account with FutureStation Nano, just open an account (CFD or Future) and try Mogalef indicators, tools and systems FREE. 
    With real account you'll be able to test all your statégies (real or paper) whith all Mogalef indicators, tools or systems. Anyway, remember you can close your account at anytime !
    But we are sure you'll find your trading system with just a little bit work and research.



Key to Mogalef Trading : open account
Mogalef MTI Club
Mogalef MTS Club

Key to Mogalef

MTI Club

MTS Club

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