MTS Club

Mogalef Trading Systems Club

MTS Club is the club of users of Mogalef trading systems. It is open to all and brings together trading system enthusiasts and creators using the WHS Nanotrader platform.

The club allows an exchange of information between members as well as mutual assistance in the development and writing of automatic trading systems.

The members of the MTI club are registered automatically because they bought the Mogalef indicators via the Mogalef-Trading site.

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MTS club services

  • Disclose its trading system.

  • Ask how to improve your trading system.

  • Assistance with programming.

  • Sharing of information.

  • Support and mutual aid.

If you want to become a member using Mogalef indicators, stops and tools you can also become a member of the MTI Club (Mogalef Trading Indicators)

Subscription without time limit (purchase) is €336

The subscription for TWELVE months is: €252 (25% off )

The subscription for THREE months is: €75 (10% off)

The subscription for ONE month is: €28.

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