MTI Club

Mogalef Tools and Indicators Club

MTI Club's members can use all available Mogalef Indicators and Mogalef Tools for their trading. Integrate them into their own system often provides a key advantage to club members. But many of them have developed their trading system based on Mogalef indicators.

Note : all tools and indicators are for WHS FutureStation Nano only.

Available tools and indicators : clic each indicator to see details.

Mogalef Bands.

Mogalef Stop.

Mogalef Trend Filter

X Line Break Signal

X Line Break Filter

X Line Break Indicator

Become member :

Actual subscription for 1 months :
SUBSCRIPTION for ONE month : €28

Monthly cotisation to MTI Clubs is €28. You only can become a member for one mounth, three months or one year with a degressive subcription.


For 2018-2019-2020 : 

Subscription for twelve months:  €252 (25% off )


Subscription for three months:     €75  (10% off )


Subscription for one month :        €28.


Subscription with no limit :        €336

SUBSCRIPTION for THREE months : €75
SUBSCRIPTION for TWELVE months : €252
SUBSCRIPTION without time limit : €336