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Formation - 3
Know how to get out of position
Conférence 2022-11-14
Formation - 2
Input Tools and Contexts
Conférence 2022-10-04
Formation - 1
Trader Psychology, Sources and Remedies

This conference will give you the essential foundation to trade with real chances of success. At the end you will have the keys to become a trader able to face the markets. It’s not just about having a proper technique to win. Psychology will hold an important place, as well as easy to apply rules to protect you from yourself.


Money management will also be discussed, then some proven techniques will be proposed to you so that you can immediately start training.  This is not to promise you that you will immediately win, it would be lying as some trainers do. You will however have essential keys to survive your training period and move towards a winning trade.

Conférence 2022-09-13
Comprendre le marché +
Setups daytrading et swingtrading

These setups are adaptable on indices (CAC, DAX, DOW...) and possibly on currencies (Forex), raw materials (Gold) and Bitcoin. ​


They are based on recurrent behaviors of the courses, that is to say on psychological states of comparable stakeholders. ​ The webinar PDF is available by clicking on the image

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New free indicator


The bullish breakout signal is one of the best win-generating signals. It has the advantage of being able to be used automatically, but not everyone trades automatically and it can be painful to wait for the signal for hours while watching the prices. Not everyone has the NanoTrader FULL !


Until now it was possible to be warned by an audible signal that the position had to be taken immediately, but nothing forestalled the possibility of a buy signal approaching. This required constant monitoring of the formation of a break line.


This new version allows you to be warned by an audible alert as soon as a breakout line is formed. You will therefore have to monitor the market only from that moment.

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Mogalef and Eric Lefort videos and webinars

Videos and registered webinars.

A lot of registered webinars and videos are available. In french.

MTI CLUB Mogaled trading indicators

Mogalef Tools & Indicators 

MTI Private club. 

Tools and Indicators for WHS FutureStation Nano.

Subscription is actually OPEN.

MTS CLUB Mogalef trading systems

Third édition of Eric Lefort 's book in French


Trader les Futures et les CFD sur indices boursiers est de nouveau disponible dans une édition mise à jour et augmentée.

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